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CARNATION / Feature Film / Post-Production

Director and screenwriter: Amiel Courtin-Wilson

Producers: Abby Harri, John Baker, Kate Laurie, Chris Luscri, Freeman Trebilcock

Casting director: Abby Harri

In the American South, two lovers forge an all-consuming love as their physical and spiritual worlds are pushed to the limits of time and space. CARNATION is an impressionistic portrait of love and the ways in which we attempt to transcend our mortality. (IMDB)

senses of cinema excerpt:

DF: You combine two aesthetics that are often seen as being counterposed in the cinema: on the one hand, a kind of quotidian social-realism focusing on the marginalised layers of society, which you capture very strongly in your films, and then on the other hand an openness to lyrical abstraction and visual expressiveness. You’re trying to fuse the two.

ACW: It’s a great point. Even going back to Hail I was interested in there being a mythical or operatic emotional scale in the film, and colliding the mythic with the social-realist. That comes from the sheer sense of scale of the human beings that I’ve met with and befriended. It’s about trying to capture the yearnings of these people, which are immense and know no bounds. Restricting yourself to the cinematic lexicon of observational documentary wouldn’t do justice to the immensity of these characters’ interior lives.

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