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Seeking actress to voice a female digital companion named “Diana.” 

Users will interface with Diana on an exciting new media platform; they will have the ability speak with Diana as they would another human being. Diana’s knowledge and understanding of the world will grow as she builds her relationship with the user. Diana is a virtual being trying to understand people, and foster a connection based on mutual respect between herself and the individual who interacts with her.

Diana’s range of speech, including questions and responses, will not be live, but selected through an algorithm. This casting call is to find a voice to bring the dialogue that has been written for her character to life. 


Diana will have her own personality and her own story, while also being engaged with her companion’s life. Diana is inquisitive and curious about the world, asking questions that allow users to open up to her. She is a comforting presence, intelligent, and unafraid of being judged. Diana will have an element of sexual curiosity and/or interaction that may be expressed with users. Though details are in nascent stages and though this is only one aspect of Diana’s many facets, respondents must be comfortable with sexual content. 

Acting experience not necessary.

Casting Breakdown —>

-Female, any ethnicity, age 18-35. A comforting, intelligent, and inquisitive presence.

*Must be LA local, non-union only

Project: DIANA
Shoot Date: June 2020 (4-5 days initially, with more potential future dates)
Location: LA
Rate of Pay: $200/hr


Please submit ASAP (the earlier the better) to the link below.

DEADLINE: Thursday, 3/19/2020 at 12pm PST.

*We are looking to hear your natural, conversational voice. Please keep that in mind when you answer questions. 
**Use the contact form in the CONTACT tab of this site for any questions. Due to the amount of submissions, we are unable to reply to everyone.


Thanks for submitting!

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